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Pacific Northwest

View the everyday rain on these live cameras. Live Camera of Crystal Mountain, sometimes the camera points to Mt. Rainier Live camera of Downtown Seattle

....... Being able to live in the great Emerald City of Seattle was a dream come true, at least for two years. It was a huge change from my life living in Florida. Living in Seattle taught me so many things including life, work, and outdoor recreation. For the most part, it changed my life and showed me truly what kind of competition it is to get a good job in a big city. Ultimately, this is what caused me to move back to Florida, to pursue a career change by going back to school.
....... My current career field is Television/Film Productions. If anyone knows these days, this line of work has all gone to our nice friendly Canadians to the north completely bypassing Seattle. Why you might ask, cheaper and Canada gives USA production company's many incentives. Stupid on our part, Yes, stupid on Canada's part, not at all. Nothing like taking more jobs from the United States. I did all I could do in searching for work in TV/Film. Going as far as to lobby at the Capital in Olympia,WA. At that point, I mainly worked on local Independent films volunteering my time.
....... A job that I did have in the city, that barely paid the bills and bought food, was working for the local airline at Sea-Tac International Airport. By chance after I had exhausted all my TV/Film jobs opportunity's. I applied for the airlines. I started this job after three months of job searching. I hear that is about the average for job hunting in Seattle. After working a year and a half, figuring that if I did want to take this job serious and live in Seattle. It would take me 200 years to buy a small house running $200,000. Possible? I do not think so.
....... Today, I am back to visiting the Emerald City and hiking the mountains on my vacations. Never have I ever felt a love for a city like I do for the Pacific Northwest and Seattle. It has everything I have ever wanted in life, sad that it was so tough for me to make a living there.

Listen to KEXP 90.3 Seattle This is one of the best non-profit radio stations I have ever heard. Formally KCMU the University of Washington college radio station - which it still is - although, it went through some changes when Experience Music Project became part of it. Changing its name to KEXP. The station is a great online radio station, broadcasting a wide variety of streamed audio, including an uncompressed stream. Which is better than what you would get listening to the station in Seattle on the radio.
Check them out. My favorite DJ is 'John In The Morning', you will occasionally hear the Dead Milkmen played, which you can also request at dj@kexp.org They have no problem playing the Dead Milkmen.

Under the Space Needle is Experience Music Project Experience Music Project EMP

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