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Notice: This page was originally created by Glenn K, since his page is now defunct as of
3.22.2000 , It has been recreated to preserve the information that was presented on it.

Take a look around, try not to be scared, and by all means PLEASE DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS!

Here's a gallery of regular visitors from the Dead Milkmen Free For All message board.

And yes, incase you were wondering, this is a sure sign that your humble narrator Glenn K! is avoiding his research again!

Here they are ... those wonderful DM lovin' freaks!

Glenn K! John C. Shalom McPeterson Tommy

Your host, the boy with way too much free time on his hands Another rockin' Dead Milkmen site host! Shalom! A greeting and a name! Bassist and aspiring replacement for Dave Blood
Glenn K!'s Home Page DM/TMZ/BWB/TM/BJ Home Page The Unflushables also check out
The Cobra Jets

Katrina Cullen Powell Brian Valley Salad Von Baco
Certified Dead Milkmen Goddess DM Chat Room Godfather Runner-up in the Rodney look-alike contest Our Very Own Complimentary Salad
Sea of KatKo - My Basic Bio Cullen's Home Page Salad Von Baco's Home Page

Danielle Tolga Adam aka The Rube Ben
A Dead Milkmen Subversive, currently undercover in Germany (the one in the middle)
Not sure who this guy is, but he wanted to be on here, so what the hell
Adam All Around Milkmen Fan
The Rube
Ben the Regular
  Ara Sayfa
Yeah, I don't know what it means either
World Of The Rube
Music To Break Things By
Online Radio show FRIDAY NIGHTS / 9-MIDNIGHT EST / 88.7-FM
Ben's Somewhat Cool Page

Robert aka emmagator1 Boez-Lopy Steve / Dean / GCBazooka
This is a different version of a Bitchin' Camaro Marmick: n. a rare Venezuelan breed of hairless otter from East Kamchatka Orlando show at the Beacham Theatre during the Metaphysical Graffitti tour Nov. 1990
Naked Chicks ! poopypoopboez "The Antics"
Your Musical Taste

DangerGreen Jake Nixon aka dog_boy Chaos Grrrl
DangerGreen with Rodney feb. 25 1994 show in Seattle at the O.K. Hotel Our own dog boy Vampire Vixen
Chaos Grrrl's website

Johnny Insipid T and a J
Amazing Larrys R0ck Canada and soon the world TJ
The Amazing Larrys

You to can have your mug on here, If you find yourself visiting the Free For All way too many times then you qualify.
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